Some Czech Showcase shows to check out at the Edinburgh Fringe this year!

Czech dance in its ultimate form. Inspired by energy's accumulation and explosion, Prague's 420PEOPLE deliver a dynamic sextet made of ferocious energy, finest movement and original music. Labelled as 'a killer show' by audiences.

Award-winning contemporary circus company mixes breathtaking acrobatics, original music, magic tricks and unexpected illusions in a fantastical journey to the spectacular comedies of the 19th century. Batacchio fluctuates between real and unreal, truth and illusion, combining new circus, dance and theatre with disciplines rarely seen on stage - ventriloquism and stage magic.

A story about secrets, about the unspeakable truth, about being a woman. Told in the only way possible. Cécile Da Costa dances, sings and undergoes extreme physical strain in order to tell her intimate story. A stunning visualisation of the deep memories the body cannot completely forget.

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