Book Club

The Book Group is a sub-division of the Fund, formed in 2005 to oversee book donations to universities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia whose students apply for courses in Scotland and find difficulties in obtaining books on the reading list. Members of the Book Group are Dr. Halla Beloff, Nan Mulder and Lida Paterova Pankoviak. Please direct enquiries and requests to:

The most popular course the Fund has sponsored students to attend is the Scottish Universities’ International Summer School (SUISS). The majority of books collected are therefore modern and postmodern literature taught by SUISS. It is suggested that the books provided should be deposited in the departmental libraries of each University. There is a named contact person in each institution in charge of liaison with the Book Group. Loans to students attending summer courses are given priority. Otherwise they should be made available to all students studying English language and literature.

Halla Beloff sources books in charity shops, and are — where possible — second-hand. Books are usually delivered to and posted within the Czech Republic and Slovakia by people who travel there anyway. Where no friendly courier was available, some parcels have been sent by post. Every year around 150 books are sent to the 6 universities on our list, and to certain individuals engaged on various projects of study and teaching in the area of English, Scottish and Irish literature.

Money came from the Fund, and were very kindly donated by supporters of this initiative. The literature has all arrived safely in the destination countries, and there is no question that they are received with warm enthusiasm and thanks.