Foxes & Cubs

Czech and Slovak School and Nursery for Ages 3+

For many years, the Scottish Czech & Slovak Fund has been running the Children's Club, where children have been able to meet other Czech or Slovak speaking children. This club has also exposed these children to traditional cultural activities of the Czech and Slovak republics.

However, once children spend more and more time at English-speaking nurseries and schools, they quickly begin to lose connection to their parents’ culture. It becomes necessary for them to have more focused stimulation in order for them to utilise their unique opportunity to become multinational and bilingual children.

It is with this more focused stimulation in mind that the Scottish Czech & Slovak Fund runs Foxes & Cubs: The Czech & Slovak School & Nursery in Edinburgh. With teachers that specialise in each language, respectively, children are encouraged to speak in either Czech or Slovak (depending on their parents’ preference). They are provided with Czech or Slovak textbooks and are taught songs and told stories that support their growing awareness of their respective cultures.

With dedicated classes for Czech and Slovak languages, we aim to teach children reading and writing and develop their speaking and listening skills, catering for each child’s diverse needs. We introduce Czech and Slovak culture and traditions to children and make them aware of each country’s respective history and customs. We work with text books used in Czech and Slovak classrooms and use our own educational programme.


Lessons take place on Saturdays at Broughton High School in Edinburgh. See the calendar for dates.

Some of our Foxes' recent activities!

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Cubs: 3 to 5 years old

Foxes: 6+ years old

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