Who are we looking for?

We are looking for anyone who would like to help out with Scotland's Czech & Slovak communities. We really aren't fussy as to what you want to help with, as there are so many different areas to what we do and we are primarily looking for enthusiasm!

What position?

Whatever you want, really... As we say enthusiastic people are most welcome, regardless of the specifics of what you will be doing. Czech/Slovak language skills are not a requirement, and general help is always appreciated!

Certain experience in the following areas is welcome, but the most important is a healthy dose of enthusiasm:

  • Graphic designer
  • Web designer
  • Admin staff
  • Financial controller
  • Manager
  • Fundraiser
  • Event coordinator
  • Teacher
  • Leader in Scout/Guiding organisation or similar
  • Editor or journalist

Organising an event usually requires:

  • Coming up with an idea for an event, unless we're doing a regular thing
  • Finding locations and dates, booking and organising a payment
  • Promotion - graphic design of a leaflet, Facebook post, web update, poster
  • Admin of bookings
  • Financial processing and evaluation
  • Sometimes fundraising

What do I get?

As a volunteer organisation, our organising team works for free. Our success is the success of the events we are preparing. As a volunteer, you will be helping in the running of a charity that provides multiple services to the Czech and Slovak communities in Scotland!

Aside from that, volunteer experience always looks good on a CV!

Ready to help?

We knew we could count on you!